What is a Central Heating Boiler?

Boiler Installation, Plainfield, IL A central heating boiler burns fuel in a combustion chamber. The combustion occurs by means of a burner with an addition of air. The heat produced is used to heat up water. A heat exchanger is used for that purpose. The hot water is circulated in the radiators.

Electrical Consumption

To run, the boiler needs to be supplied with an appropriate fuel and often with electricity. Some components of the boiler, such as fans, oil pumps, ignition electrodes need to be supplied with electricity in order to operate. All the electricity, which is consumed by the boiler, is called electrical consumption. Most of the energy consumption is due to the pump on the boiler or on the insulation.

What is Boiler Efficiency?

The boiler efficiency is the ratio of the energy input to output. This means that high efficiency boilers require less fuel input to produce the same amount of heat to the system as lower efficiency boilers. In any boiler there are heat losses, some in the flue and some through the boiler casing into the boiler room.

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